Presenter Instructions

Oral Presenters

– Please come 5-10 minutes early to LT1 (the lecture room) before your session to load your presentation on the machine, check it is working and meet your session chair (listed in the program).

– A windows desktop is available in the room as well as HDMI and VGA input for the projector if you would like to use your own laptop

– a USB wireless laser presenter control will be available for those who would like to use it.

– Please allow 2-3 mins for questions at the end of your presentation and remember we have morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea to follow up on some of those lengthy questions and ongoing discussions.

– We and the session chairs will do our very best to stick to schedule and hope you can do the same.

– Brad Doak will be available in the lecture theater during the conference breaks to troubleshoot any problems if you want to drop in a discuss anything

– If you would like to make your slides (full or abbreviated) or contact details available via the website please let us know during the conference and we will add them accordingly.

If you have any questions please let us know otherwise enjoy the conference.

Poster Presenters

– Cossar Hall will hold the poster presentations and poster boards will be setup and ready for you to put up posters Wednesday morning.

– Adhesive Velcro dots will be available from the registration desk if you need them.

– Poster boards will be set up with poster numbers corresponding to each poster as per the abstract list below (also available at the registration desk).

– If you are a student and would like to be considered for the student poster prize please make sure to mention it to the registration desk who will collate a list of participants. Please display your poster throughout the conference and add a sticker (available from the registration desk when you arrive). The main poster judging will occur on Wednesday afternoon, so talk to everyone about your poster.

– Please collect your posters Thursday evening. Any posters still being displayed when we pack up we will hold onto and attempt to get back to you.

If you have any questions please let us know otherwise enjoy the conference.