Gender Equity & Diversity

The FBDD-DU Conference Organising Committee is committed to ensuring diversity and gender equality.

We aim to provide an increased diversity of role models and ensure both females and males have equal opportunity to be acknowledged for their achievements.

As such we will include checks to ensure invited speakers, session chairs, and panel or workshop compositions are of diverse backgrounds, including equal representation of men and women.

We also will ensure prize recipients include equal representation of men and women.

Social Media Guidelines

We encourage the use of social media for the FBDD-DU Conference to share information and network with others, but we remind you to adhere to social media etiquette, including the following:

  • Communicate with respect and consideration for others
  • Presentations are tweetable by default, but respect speakers requests for specific details or slides not to be shared
  • Do not jeopardize the work of your colleagues – be careful not to capture, transmit, or re-distribute data
  • Keep criticism constructive
  • Enjoy your networking with colleagues!